[Distutils] Problems with cli.exe

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Tue Aug 22 21:21:58 CEST 2006

At 02:56 PM 8/22/2006 -0400, Jim Fulton wrote:
>I'v updated launcher.c, cli.exe, and gui.exe on the jim-fix- 
>setuptools-cli branch.
>I've also added a doctest for cli.exe.
>The update:
>- Causes script arguments to be quoted with correct handling of embedded
>   double quotes.   This allows passing arguments with embedded spaces
>   and double quotes to scripts.
>- Added support for passing a single argument (possibly specifying
>   options) to the Python executable on the #! line.
>- Fixed a bug in handling trailing spaces on the #! line.

Fantastic, thank you very much!

>Let me know if you'd like me to merge this to the 0.6 branch and trunk.

Yes, please.  I'll take care of updating the release notes for 0.6c2.

By the way, just for future reference, you don't need to branch the entire 
sandbox to work on a setuptools branch.  Notice, for example, that the 
setuptools-0.6 branch is just a copy of the sandbox/setuptools 
directory.  This is in fact the standard way to do branches and tags in the 
Python sandbox (i.e., just branch or tag the individual project, not the 
entire sandbox).

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