[Distutils] dumb newbie...?

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Wed Aug 23 02:12:55 CEST 2006

At 12:34 AM 8/23/2006 +0100, Scott Finnie wrote:
>Thanks for reply.
>I used ez_setup.py per instructions here: 
>Looks like I should've used setup.py instead. That being the case, perhaps 
>the text should be reworded - it currently says:
>"Place the egg in the same directory as ez_setup.py on the target computer 
>before running it."

Those are the instructions for installing setuptools, not Django.

The error message that would've shown when you tried to install Django 
(following its instructions) would have said (with the appropriate blanks 
filled in):

This script requires setuptools version %s to run (even to display
help).  I will attempt to download it for you (from
%s), but
you may need to enable firewall access for this script first.
I will start the download in %d seconds.

(Note: if this machine does not have network access, please obtain the file


and place it in this directory before rerunning this script.)

i.e., rerunning setup.py, which would've triggered the message in the first 

In other words, all of the documentation is correct, but the implementation 
is wrong.  :)

More specifically, everything in your case would've worked fine from 
following the Django instructions + error message, but a standalone 
setuptools installation doesn't necessarily work as advertised, so I'll 
look into doing something similar to your patch.

Thanks for the problem report.

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