[Distutils] develop egg recipe?

Nathan R. Yergler nathan at yergler.net
Sat Dec 2 04:26:18 CET 2006

I'm using zc.buildout for a project that also utilizes a custom egg-info
writer.  I specify the egg-info writer package as a setup_requires
package in setup.py.  Of course, that doesn't trigger zc.buildout (er,
setuptools) to install that egg when I run buildout.  I could work
around this by specifying two parts in buildout.cfg: first install the
egg for my egg-info writer, then create a development egg for my project
(which uses the egg-info writer).  

I'm curious if there's a way with the current recipe set to create a
develop egg within a part, as opposed to just specifying "develop = ."
in the [buildout] section.



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