[Distutils] Data files and --prefix question.

José Rui Faustino de Sousa jrfsousa at teor.fis.uc.pt
Mon Dec 4 15:43:52 CET 2006


I am writing a package installation using distutils it is very nice but
I have it two snags: 


setup.py install --prefix=<prefix>

a) Shouldn't the *.data syntax work for data_files as it does for

b) Why does it install the data files on <prefix>/foo and not in 
<prefix>/share/foo like the documentation seems to imply?

Everything else seems to work as advertised scripts go to <prefix>/bin 
packages to <prefix>/lib/python2.4/site-packages... 

Is it me or is it a bug? 

Thank you very much.

Best regards,
José Rui 

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