[Distutils] Compiler Incompatibility

John Machin sjmachin at lexicon.net
Thu Dec 7 21:32:40 CET 2006

On 7/12/2006 5:59 AM, Robert McFadzean wrote:
> I have been trying to build MySQLdb for python and A. Dustman has come to the conclusion that the minGW32 compiler that I am using will not work with a Windows ( os is Windows XP) versions of Python and MySQL.  Can anyone here confirm that he is right.  Is there a possible work around?  Dustman suggested that I would have to compile Python and MySQL with the gcc compiler for it to work.

I know nothing about mysqldb, but the above is confused/confusing: The 
mingw32 compiler is *a* gcc compiler. What is *the* gcc compiler to 
which you refer?

Why build anything? Are there not Windows binaries already available?

I'd suggest that you seek the advice of the mysqldb maintainer :-)

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