[Distutils] SETUPTOOLS - Loading Eggs which do not have an egg_info

Ilias Lazaridis ilias at lazaridis.com
Fri Dec 8 20:22:57 CET 2006

Phillip J. Eby wrote:
> At 08:24 PM 12/8/2006 +0200, Ilias Lazaridis wrote:
>> Retrieving a few values directly from the setup.py (instead from an
>> egg-info) would be fast and without any dependency.
> In order to invoke run_setup to get the data, you must import, *at absolute 
> minimum*:
> distutils

I must read-in(!) at absolute minimum just the "setup.py" file, without 
any includes.

>> But for the 'light' needs, the overall overhead is (from my point of
>> view) inacceptable.
> That's because you're not paying attention to anyone's needs but your 
> own.  
  > Thus, your view of the situation is extremely self-centered,

of course I look at my requirements.

(whilst taking in account that others exist. thats btw. why I not say 
"drop those egg-infos")

>>> As I've said, an ability to auto-generate egg_info if a setup.py is newer
>>> than the corresponding PKG-INFO might be a useful feature.  However, 
>> trying
>>> to do without generating it at all, simply isn't going to happen.
>> I understand.
>> Thus the only way to avoid "egg-info" is to avoid setuptools.
> Correct.  Your choices are as follows:
> 1. get used to typing "setup.py egg_info" when you change your project's 
> version number or entry points

I've not choosen a dynamic language to do redundant steps.

Otherwise I could pick java, which needs flagship-IDE's to stay managable.

I like simplicity - that's why I am with python.

> 2. write a script or alias to do it for you whenever you check your code in, or

I do not provide automations, in order to manage redundant steps (only 
as a temporary solution)

> 3. reinvent the wheel so you can save a minute or two doing one of the above.

a minute or two, thousands of developers = many time.

> If you choose #3, I sure hope it is because you're doing this for a hobby 
> or personal project, because if you aren't, then you are defrauding your 
> employer or client by diverting their funds for your personal enjoyment at 
> wheel reinventing, while providing them with no additional benefits.

as said, from a user-level, I rate your work as _very_ helpfull.

As a developer, I've mentione a deficit (from my point of view) and I 
just like to have some flexibility.

I hope that a few other developers have a similar view and realize the 
need o "raw eggs" or "lightweight egg-based plugins", thus we can 
workout a solution. If anyone is interested, please contact me.

This is a starting point, nothing else:


The requirements as a whole:




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