[Distutils] Decompressing .egg files

Giovanni Bajo rasky at develer.com
Wed Feb 8 15:05:22 CET 2006

Charlie Moad <cwmoad at gmail.com> wrote:

> I think you can just unzip them, since they are zip files.  Some
> programs might complain about the different extension though.

True, but you'll have to locate which .egg file is the current one for a
given module (there is no 1:1 match between python module names and egg
files, and you can have multiple versions installed). Also you can't just
decompress it: you need to create a wrapper directory with the same name
(including extension) of the .egg file. This also means that you need to do
it in two steps since you can't have both a file and a directory with the
same name at the same time.

I was wondering if there was already something ready-made so that I could
just do "easy_install --decompress pysqlite" and forget about it. If not, I
hope the future "nest" command will handle this.
Giovanni Bajo

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