[Distutils] Some negative press for easy_install

Gerhard Häring gh at ghaering.de
Thu Feb 9 17:35:18 CET 2006

Ben Bangert wrote:
> I didn't have a non-setuptools build mainly because I  
> couldn't see how to setup a setup.py file in such a way that I could  
> make both versions at once. I'm assuming I'd need two setup.py's and  
> to swap them in the build depending on if it was a setuptools build  
> or not. [...]

See http://initd.org/tracker/pysqlite/changeset/227

I just changed pyqlite's build process so that you can build without 
setuptools again.

setup.py is the traditional distutils script.
extended_setup.py is the one that imports everything from setup.py and 
adds additional setuptools features.


-- Gerhard

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