[Distutils] easy_install: Manifest.in "Permission denied" on windows

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Sat Feb 18 18:38:57 CET 2006

At 07:45 AM 02/15/2006 -0800, Ville Vainio wrote:
>error: i:\temp\easy_install-cg_eo8\trunk\MANIFEST.in: Permission denied
>I suppose deleting manifest.in would fix the whole issue (it did when
>I tried it the last time a week or so ago, but I was pressed for time
>and couldn't explore it enough back then). It's desirable to keep the
>MANIFEST.in file because it's used by package maintainers.
>Any pointers?

Hm.  I could've sworn I already fixed this issue, at least if it's what I 
think.  Subversion on some Windows setups ends up making files read-only 
and not deletable by easy_install, so when it goes to clean up the 
temporary directory with the checkout in it, it fails.  I thought I'd 
already worked around this, though.  Are you using the latest setuptools 

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