[Distutils] Dynamic linking on Linux, Mac OS, et al

Matthias Urlichs smurf at smurf.noris.de
Fri Jan 6 18:57:00 CET 2006


Phillip J. Eby:
> >So why don't you simply link the Python extension and the library
> >to one single .so file?
> Because there are a half-dozen Python extensions in the project sharing the 
> library.  Hence, the need for a "shared library".  :)
So put them all into one .so file and import the required parts from
the modules you want them in.

Anyway, ELF libraries do have an rpath embedded in them. It *is*
possible to hotpatch that to point at wherever the shared library ends
up being installed.

Debian has a package "chrpath" with a tool "chrpath" (what a surprise ;-)
which can do that.

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