[Distutils] making easy_install install extras

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Thu Jan 12 19:18:05 CET 2006

At 10:08 AM 1/12/2006 -0800, Andrew Straw wrote:
>Phillip J. Eby wrote:
> > At 05:31 PM 1/11/2006 -0800, Andrew Straw wrote:
> >
> >> Is it possible to convince easy_install to grab extras specified in the
> >> "extras_require" arguments to setup()?  I know this probably isn't
> >> something that should be on by default (that's why they're "extras"),
> >> but it would be nice to do something like:
> >>
> >> easy_install some_package --also-install-all-available-extras
> >>
> >> If it's not currently possible, I'd like to submit this as a feature
> >> request.
> >
> >
> > The syntax that should currently work is:
> >
> >    easy_install "some_package[extra1,extra2]"
>This is fine (if some extra typing) if you know what those extras are.
>Is there any way to ask easy_install to display what extras some_package
>can use?

I'll expand the "package successfully installed" message to list the extras 
and give an example of how to activate them.  This is something project 
authors should include in their documentation, though, since it may not be 
obvious what a given extra "foo" does, and there isn't presently any place 
to describe that in the metadata, either.

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