[Distutils] Sourceforge changed HTML again...

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Tue Jan 17 21:09:55 CET 2006

Kevin Dangoor wrote:
>>This is a probably a FAQ, but maybe the Sourceforge guys can be talked into
>>providing some machine-friendly way for downloading files?
> The problem is that a machine doesn't click on ads. (Or, at least,
> isn't supposed to :)

Since they have a 5-second delay in downloading, I assume they really 
are trying to get ad clicks (since 1 or 0 seconds would do just as well, 
and direct links would of course be better for everyone).  OTOH, it 
never hurts to ask; maybe someone can open a ticket over on SF?  If 
anyone does, please note that here.  Hell, a stable API with a request 
that API users show a text ad (that would be delivered as part of the 
API) would be fine with me (as a user of easy_install).

But right now I think it is more useful to encourage people to use the 
cheese shop for file distribution -- SF is also really hard to upload 
to, so the cheese shop is better on both ends.

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