[Distutils] py2exe and setuptools w/ install_requires

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Fri Jan 20 18:35:56 CET 2006

At 06:25 PM 01/19/2006 -0500, Chris Lambacher wrote:
>I have several apps that I distribute to customers using py2exe.  I have also
>written modules which these apps share.  Up to now I have not had any
>modules written in C so to build my py2exe apps I just set the PYTHONPATH
>environment variable to point to the module's location in CVS and run setup.py
>py2exe.  This is convenient because release builds are done via Buildbot on a
>dedicated computer.  All buildbot has to do is check out the source and run
>I now have my first C module and have been trying to work out how to deal with
>building the module.  I would prefer to build the module and 'release' it for
>use with my two apps.
>What I would like to do is build up an egg for the library and copy it to a
>known location.  Then have the apps use the setuptools require_install
>directive to allow me to get the egg and 'install' it into the build directory
>somewhere and then let the rest of the py2exe magic work.
>I think I know where to add my call into setuptools from py2exe, but I cannot
>figure out what setup_tools function to call in order to do the

Run "setup.py develop" in the source tree of each project, starting with 
the dependencies and working your way up to the main application.  Then run 

See also the py2exe Wiki, which has a page of tips for using py2exe with 
eggs.  However, if you have source checkouts for all the things your 
application includes, you don't need to worry about unzipping eggs.

Note that this will *not* include egg metadata in your .exe build, so if 
you are using packages that require such metadata, they may not work 
correctly when embedded.

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