[Distutils] Setting distutils options from sitecustomize

Ronald Oussoren ronaldoussoren at mac.com
Mon Jan 23 20:16:43 CET 2006

On 23-jan-2006, at 19:09, Ian Bicking wrote:

> Has anyone tried anything that involves setting the distutils options
> (e.g., where to install libraries) from sitecustomize or some other
> Python location?  I want to put in logic that is more complex than can
> be expressed in a configuration file.  Setuptools-specific is a-ok  
> too.
>   Monkeypatching distutils doesn't particularly bother me in this case
> either.  Though that's not great either (if it goes in sitecustomize),
> since it means that there's an overhead to every Python startup to  
> load
> distutils and patch it, even if distutils wouldn't have otherwise  
> loaded.

You could monkeypatch using .pth tricks. If you do this correctly the  
would only affect distutils. I've never used this in production, but  
like this would work:

- Create a directory (/FOOBAR) containing a directory distutils and
   an __init__.py inside that. The __init__.py should set its __path__
   to include the real distutils package, execfile the real  
__init__.py and
   then do as much monkeypatching as it likes

- Add a distutils-hacks.pth to site-packages that contains:
     import sys; sys.path.insert(0, "/FOOBAR")

That way imports of distutils will get the monkeypatched version,  
automagically importing distutils for each and every script.

Extending distutils or setuptools to do what you need would probably be
a much better solution :-)


> Jim Fulton asked about something similar on IRC too -- actually about
> having an easy_install binary that installed to a different location
> than normal (to the Zope instance path).  Similar in that however  
> such a
> script might work it might need to do similar things, setting  
> distutils
> options at runtime.
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