[Distutils] setuptools include_package_data ignore data under a 'package'?

bbangert at groovie.org bbangert at groovie.org
Wed Jan 25 00:54:48 CET 2006

I've been having some strange issues when trying to get
include_package_data to actually include package data, when said data is
under a module. Though it seems to behave unpredictably.

For example, several people have installed Pylons and its been missing
pylons/media/style/orange.css (a package file), though I haven't had this
happen myself. However, when I make a new template project, then bundle it
into a distribution and unpack it (to see what setuptools thought was
package data). It's missing several directories.

Easy way to reproduce:
paster create --template=pylons test
cd test
python setup.py sdist
cd dist
tar xzvf test-0.0.0dev.tar.gz

Then compare: ls test-0.0.0dev/test/
To ../test/

The new one is missing the docs, public, templates directories which are
package data directories containing content. If these aren't included on
purpose, where can I get more information on exactly what
include_package_data=True does actually include?

BTW, I'm using setuptools 0.6a9


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