[Distutils] using bdist_wininst --install-script

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Thu Jan 26 04:57:39 CET 2006

At 10:25 PM 1/25/2006 -0500, Stefan Seefeld wrote:
>IIUC, this works if and because 'bar.dat' is located somewhere
>under pkg_dir, right ?

Yes.  This is pretty much the only sane way to bundle read-only data files 
with a Python package.

>The traditional way of installing 'data files'
>on unix-like systems, however, is to keep them in <prefix>/share,

I believe that's only if they're read-only, in which case there's no reason 
not to put them in a package directory, tradition notwithstanding.  :)

>and the python modules in <prefix>/lib/python-<version>/site-packages,
>and there doesn't appear to be a platform-independent path from
>python module to data dir.

Which is why the sane way to do it for Python is to put them in a package 
directory; it ensures that you can find them using the same code regardless 
of platform.

>Unfortunately I don't think I can change the directory layout to
>relocate the data files into a subdirectory of my toplevel python

Why not?

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