[Distutils] setuptools 0.6b4 released

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Tue Jul 11 21:12:16 CEST 2006

I have just released version 0.6b4 of setuptools, the last beta release of 
setuptools 0.6.  Please upgrade and test at your earliest convenience, as I 
would like to issue a release candidate version next week.

Changes include numerous bug fixes and tweaks for corner cases in 
easy_install processing, mostly discovered by Jim Fulton in the process of 
developing his "zc.buildout" tool (a Make-like system that supports simple 
installation of complex environments).

In addition, there is now a formally-documented "package index API" that 
easy_install supports:


So, people who wish to create their own "package indexes" for easy_install 
can do so, even using static HTML -- even without a web server.

Last, but not least, the ability was added to turn off SVN revision numbers 
or dates from the command line, so that you don't have to edit setup.cfg in 
order to issue a release.

There are a few outstanding requests that I was *not* able to consider for 
0.6 because the required changes would've been too disruptive to 
stability.  They have been bumped to the 0.7 list to receive further 
consideration after 0.6 final is released:

* A request to change the PYTHONPATH resolution order
* A request to allow installed scripts to use -O
* Adding XML-RPC support for PyPI

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