[Distutils] distutils data_files and setuptools.pkg_resources are driving me crazy

Robin Bryce robinbryce at gmail.com
Fri Jul 14 04:19:25 CEST 2006

> Data that's consumed by the code absolutely belongs in eggs
> and shouldn't be strewn all over the place

Totally agree. even if this means I've contradicted my self some where
along the line.

> the *reason* that pkg_resources doesn't
> support egg root relative resource names is because it won't work right
> with system packaging tools like RPM, Debian, etc.

ah. food for thought. thanks.

> is currently missing is support for packaging up dynamic libraries

Oh, I've been to timid to even consider trying that. But mixed
language development needs is something I very nearly mentioned in
last post. I had games development in mind[1]. I just can't see how
far it is reasonable to expect 'stock' egg/setuptools to stretch. I
mean where would it all end: pydselect, pje nervous break down ?

> Egg format extensions are already provided for by entry points and
> the EGG-INFO metadata dir

So if I decide I really care about referencing data in this way:
investigating adding setup keywords, files to EGG-INFO and inventing
my own rules is the way to go ?

Hrm, time to pull down the the setuptools trunk I think ;-)



[1]  The small number of uk games developers I've worked for use lua
and C++. And wouldn't dream of using a packaging system they did not
write them selves.

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