[Distutils] setuptools : easy_install error on berlios

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Mon Jun 19 02:48:02 CEST 2006

At 12:58 AM 6/19/2006 +0200, AGiss wrote:
>berlios, sourceforge like, now use prdownloads system, like sourceforge.
>setuptools fail to find eggs, because it tries to download on
>"prdownload" which serves only html page with mirrors.
>package_index.py need a fix_berlios_url (or perhaps a more
>generic fix_forges_url with a list of translations)

Sigh.  I was really hoping sourceforge were the only ones that did this.

However, Sourceforge at least has a round-robin DNS for their mirrors 
now.  I suggest finding out if there is a similar setup for berlios.  I say 
this because I'm not going to add any more screen-scraping code to 
easy_install to figure out what mirrors are available.  URL translation, 
*maybe*.  But trying to discover Sourceforge mirrors by screenscraping 
tricks was a bad idea and the code to do it is long gone.

I would suggest to the package author that PyPI hosting is quite 
convenient; they are clearly already running "python setup.py bdist_egg", 
and uploading to PyPI simply makes the command be this instead:

     python setup.py register bdist_egg upload

If you want to also upload the source, add "sdist" before the "upload".

It is possible that some day the cheeseshop will be bogged down for 
uploads, but presumably people will step up to provide mirrors for it in 
that event.

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