[Distutils] Working environment

Jim Fulton jim at zope.com
Sun Mar 12 00:17:10 CET 2006

Ian Bicking wrote:
> Jim Fulton wrote:
>> Ian Bicking wrote:
>>> Jim Fulton wrote:
>> ...
>>>>> lib/python2.4/ is for packages. 
>>>> Minor note: this needs to be flexible.  I'd be more inclined to go
>>>> with something shallower and simpler, like just "lib",
>>> Why?  Top-level packages aren't portable, since .pyc files aren't 
>>> portable.  Eggs are portable, since they contain the Python version.
>> I have no idea what you are saying or how it relates to whether or not
>> packages go in lib/python2.4 or lib.
> lib/foo/__init__.pyc is a file that is specific to a version of Python. 
>  lib/python2.4/foo/__init__.pyc removes any possibility of conflict. 
> Though I suppose it is arguable that a working environment should only 
> support one major version of Python.

Yup, at least most of the time.

>>>> This brings me to the topic of configuration.  Today, I write wrapper
>>>> scripts "by hand",  I may have some application like Zope, or ZEO
>>>> or our test runner that is implemented by a an entry point in a module.
>>>> Then there's a wrapper script that imports the module and calls the 
>>>> entry point.
>>>> The wrapper script is written (manually or with some custom 
>>>> installation
>>>> script) to include the path to be used and configuration data,
>>>> which may be the location of a configuration file.  I really like
>>>> the fact that easy_install will generate wrapper scripts for me, but
>>>> I really need more control over how these scripts are generated to
>>>> include *both* path and configuration information.
>>> I'm not sure what to think of this.  I don't think of it as a script. 
>>> It's like a specific invocation of the script.  A shell script.  Maybe
>>> we can improve on shell scripts, but I think it's a different idea 
>>> than the script alone.
>> What "it" are you talking about?
> This script+config invocation.

OK. Do you realize that for us, these are already combined?
That is, if you install Zope and make an instance, the scripts that
are installed have paths and configuration baked into them.
For us, these are just installed scripts.  There's nothing particularly
exciting going on here.  I want the same thing with the scripts generated
by easy_install (or something like it that we build, if necessary).


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