[Distutils] Further extending of setup.py

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Mon Mar 13 19:03:57 CET 2006

I'd like to get rid of the "paster" script, moving some of what it does 
into setup.py or elsewhere.

To a degree that is possible, but I think requires some additions to 

* An entry point group that is not globally looked up, like 
distutils.commands.  This would be a set of commands the package 
provides only for itself.  I expect it to look like:

   sql_record = sqlobject.manage.distextension:sql_record

Exactly like what we have currently, just not looked up globally.

* Additionally, or probably even better, something that enumerates 
locations for commands.  E.g.:


And then it would look in the SQLObject egg for 
distutils.commands.local, and apply everything found there to this 
package.  Right now, for instance, buildutils adds a "pytest" command to 
every project, even though it only applies to some projects (for some 
commands this is ok, like "info", so two different entry points makes 
sense).  A project could list itself to provide its own custom commands; 
I think that won't be too circular.  Typically commands you provide for 
yourself or someone else are different -- e.g., the SQLObject commands 
don't apply to SQLObject itself.

* Everything that can be done on a deployed egg will probably go in 
app/egg-specific command-line scripts, and maybe I'll make a little 
framework to make these easier to write, but that's entirely an 
implementation detail.  But I'm also thinking that extra_commands could 
be used as a hint to that framework, and would kind of facilitate 
coordination of in-development commands with after-deployment commands.

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