[Distutils] setup.py test doesn't honor --find-links

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Thu Mar 16 16:52:36 CET 2006

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Phillip J. Eby wrote:
> At 10:23 AM 3/14/2006 -0500, Tres Seaver wrote:
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>>Can we extend the test command (deriving from easy_install, I guess,
>>instead of Command), to take the same options it does?
> I don't think that approach is a good idea, as it's more complex and isn't 
> orthogonal to other setuptools features that install eggs for build 
> purposes (e.g. setup_requires).  It would probably be better to implement 
> the "dependency_links" feature described here:
> http://mail.python.org/pipermail/distutils-sig/2005-October/005209.html
> and make it be used by the setuptools.dist.Distribution class's 
> "fetch_build_egg()" method, which is used for both setup_requires and 
> tests_require.
> I've left that feature open for a while in the hopes that it would provide 
> some enterprising soul with an easy project to learn about extending 
> setuptools, as it's mostly pretty shallow to implement.  The only part such 
> an enterprising party might need help with is the bit that touches 
> easy_install; the rest should be a matter of just copying existing entry 
> points defined in setuptools' setup.py.

I'm a bit lost as to the rationale for the separate metadata filee in
that post:  why wouldn't we just use the 'dependency_links' attribute of
the distribution?  At any rate, I'm attaching a partially-working patch.

I could get the 'dependency_links.txt' file to be created, but couldn't
figure out how to use the pkg_resources facilities for reading it while
inside 'fetch_build_eggs'.  I alos ran into the problem that, since the
'test' command doesn't support the usual 'easy_install' arguments (my
original reason for posting), I couldn't control where the downloaded
packages would be installed:  they went directly in my local sandbox.

In case it wasn't clear from my original post, I have the following use

  - Check out the "packaging bits" for a Zope egg I want to build, e.g.:

    $ svn co svn+ssh://svn.zope.org/repos/main/zope.interface/trunk zi
    $ cd zi

  - Run the tests, first downloading and installing any dependencies
   (including'test_requires').  Preferably, those dependencies should
   *not* be installed into 'site-packages';  I want to verify that the
   package correctly identifies all of its own dependencies, without
   relying on any other environment except a "bare" virtual python:

    $ /path/to/python setup.py test
    No local packages or download links found for zope.testing
    error: Could not find suitable distribution for \

My original plan was to add the 'easy_install' command line args to
the 'test' command, which would have allowed:

    $ /path/to/python setup.py test \

Under the mechanism you redireted me to, I need to add the equivalent
URL into zi/setup.py as a 'dependency_link' argument to 'setup', and
then arrange for that value to be used as the 'find_links' value for
the 'test' command.  Is that what you intended?

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