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Juha Tuomala Juha.Tuomala at iki.fi
Fri Mar 17 17:13:22 CET 2006

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On Friday 17 March 2006 16:40, John J Lee wrote:
> This argument has already been gone through at great length on this list. 
> In brief, Phillip has a number of goals that are not met by any system 
> such as RPM.  

Maybe. I look forward when I can install my binary kernel
as setuptools egg.

Or did you mean that the goal was not to unify sw management 
so that computer illeterates could install software without
reading zillion different README's and learning different 

> (not saying you're tetchy, but other people certainly were ;-), 
> and then decide if you want to post more on this point.

You got me wrong in that point. I just try not to express 
it publicly as it typically doesn't help anything. :-)

> I'm sure it would be appreciated on all sides if you read  
> the archived posts on this, wait for two days to cool off

I did for this year. If I got the right picture, I try to
stay away anything what uses setuptools. I think that it's 
just trying to solve problems inside python sandbox
what is just 1% of the whole sw management issue and
at the same time it's making it impossible to be solved
properly where it should be done.



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