[Distutils] Another packaging strategy...

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Fri Mar 17 17:29:52 CET 2006

There's another strategy for making packages that I thought I'd bring up 
-- using PYTHONPATH and creating a large bundled package.  That means, 
if you have an application, distribute all the dependencies in the 
application's package.  Stuff them in /usr/share/PKG/lib or something.

This doesn't work for installation of libraries, but then you never 
*need* to install a library as a package.  It's the application you are 
ultimately interested in deploying and distributing.  And I think the 
non-system-package installation techniques are generally much more 
appropriate for the actual development process.

I don't think the bundled package is necessarily *easy* to build right 
now.  But the result seems easy to manage.  I don't really know much 
about the build process for packages, so what is ultimately involved to 
do this I'm not sure.

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