[Distutils] easy_install and Unix python with sys.prefix different from sys.exec_prefix

Berthold Höllmann berthold at despammed.com
Wed Nov 1 15:22:48 CET 2006


In our python installation python modules are shared between a
Solaris, Linux and Linux-x86_64 installation. We are managing this by
giving the --exec-prefix option as well as the --prefix option when
configuring python and sharing the directories by NFS. This generally
well with distutils, which put extensions under the --exec-prefix path
and modules under the --prefix path. The problem with distutils are
extensions expecting 'pyconfig.h' at


and shebang string in scripts pointing to a python executable that
works only for one architecture.

For the shebang string problem it would be helpful to be able to set
the default string to

  #! /usr/bin/env python"

in a configuration file.

With easy install there is a further problem. It installs extensions


instead of


which is a problem with the 'easy-install.pth' that point to an
architecture sensitive egg in an directory shared by all

Is there a way to fix these problems?

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