[Distutils] main script problem

Flavio Codeco Coelho fccoelho at fiocruz.br
Sun Nov 12 12:43:38 CET 2006


 I am having a problem with the fact that setuptools copies the
application main script to a different directory during installation.

My application is a single package one where the mains script resides
within the package. This script imports many of the other modules
locally (i.e., import x, y, z)  without having to refer to the package.
So when the script is copied to /usr/bin, it no longer runs because it
cannot import the other modules  since they do not reside in the same
diretory anymore.

This would be a non-issue if setuptools made a simbolic link of the
script to /usr/bin instead of copying it. Is there a way of forcing this?

any other suggestions are welcome,


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