[Distutils] Limitations install_requires?

Joshua Boverhof JRBoverhof at lbl.gov
Mon Oct 2 03:45:18 CEST 2006

On Oct 1, 2006, at 5:49 PM, Phillip J. Eby wrote:

> At 04:50 PM 9/29/2006 -0700, Joshua Boverhof wrote:
>> I've had problems getting it to install these packages (python2.5,
>> setuptools 0.6c3):
>> packages with extensions fail:
>>         4Suite --
>>         Twisted -- already declared problem in the PackageNotes
>> Second, if the file name of a distribution doesn't match the
>> "package" name once installed setuptools fails to recognize it as
>> installed.
>>         ZopeInterface --> zope.interface
>>         -- appears to build and install, but fails when setuptools  
>> tries to
>> import it as "ZopeInterface"
>> Or if the package installs as a sub-package of an existing package:
>>         TwistedWeb --> twisted.web
>>         -- again fails when it tries to import "TwistedWeb"
>> I think the first two are currently impossible, but potentially I
>> missed something with the second two?
> Setuptools doesn't "import" ZopeInterface or TwistedWeb - it looks for
> *installed distributions* with those names.  There's a big  
> difference.  If
> you find an installation package for "zope.interface" whose  
> filename is
> "ZopeInterface" (and similar for TwistedWeb/twisted.web), then that  
> is an
> indication that the installation package was not created using the
> distutils (or that it was renamed after creation).

I'm not an expert on setuptools, I'm just guessing what it does based  
on behavior.  Maybe this is explained somewhere in the web pages,  
sorry I often neglect to thoroughly read documentation.

However, I did read that setuptools only supports distutils-based  
distributions, I was trying to ask if there were ways around this.   
I'll take this as a unqualified "no".

> In either case, it is simply not compatible with setuptools.   
> Setuptools
> only supports installing *unmodified* and *un-renamed* distutils-based
> distributions, although it tries very hard to cope with customized  
> setup
> scripts that extend the distutils.  There are limits, however, and  
> Twisted
> falls well outside the scope of what setuptools can reasonably  
> monkeypatch.  :(
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In any case, 4/5 of my dependencies are for one reason or another not  
compatible with setuptools.  I'll ask them to change their ways, in  
any I'm sure this battle will be easier to fight once setuptools is  
part of the standard python distribution.  I thought was slated for  
python2.5, but I've checked the release notes and I don't see mention  
of its inclusion.


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