[Distutils] cross compiling using setuptools

Venkat Bommakanti venkatbo at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 8 23:07:46 CEST 2006

Thanks Phillip.
Have a followup question below.

>>Assuming I can use setuptools as-is and "easy_install ..." invoke syntax 
>>like above - for the cross build (ppc target), how would I specify the 
>>options meant for:
>>    . setup.py (of each of the above comps):
>>        . -c (cross-gcc)
>>        . bdest_egg (setuptools):
>>           .  --dist-dir
>>           .  --plat-name
>>           .  exclude-source
>>in the "easy_install ..." command. I read:
>>but its unclear how the above options are passed on to "easy_install ...".

>Put them in your ~/.pydistutils.cfg file, using e.g.

>compiler = ...

>plat_name = ...
>exclude_source = 1

I'm trying to create just one makefile, that will take the <target> as a param, so it can be used to build both i686 and ppc targets of TG (in this case). So, how would I specify that variance in just **one** ~/.pydistutils.cfg OR is there a way to have setuptools pickup different versions of this file, based on the <target> chosen for the makefile.

Basically, I'll need something like:

    # i686 specific section
    compiler = <native-gcc>

    plat_name = i686
    exclude_source = 1


    # ppc specific section
    compiler = <cross-gcc>

    plat_name = ppc
    exclude_source = 1


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