[Distutils] cross compiling using setuptools

Venkat Bommakanti venkatbo at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 9 17:39:05 CEST 2006

>>Assuming I can use setuptools as-is and "easy_install ..." invoke syntax 
>>like above - for the cross build (ppc target), how would I specify the 
>>options meant for:
>>    . setup.py (of each of the above comps):
>>        . -c (cross-gcc)
>>        . bdest_egg (setuptools):
>>           .  --dist-dir
>>           .  --plat-name
>>           .  exclude-source
>>in the "easy_install ..." command. I read:

>Put them in your ~/.pydistutils.cfg file, using e.g.

>compiler = ...

>plat_name = ...
>exclude_source = 1

Based on this suggestion, for the cross compile case, I tried to set:
  plat_name = ppc
but, it still insists on falling back to i686 for plat_name. Could be I'm
doing something fundamentally wrong.

'am also trying to "set" as many params to easy_install / setup.py-of-comp
(in TG's suite of components) as possible this way... but its unclear if
I'm doing them right... 

Is there a reference somewhere in (http://peak.telecommunity.com/) to all 
   . the sections that can go into these files, and
   . the key/value pairs of settings, that can go into each section.
For example, I couldn't see anywhere it documented that [bdist_egg] is one
of the many valid sections in these files. I'm not doubting the earlier statement,
but just unable to find a single place that lists all the possible cases. 'am also
assuming the syntax is the same for setup.cfg (local to TG source dir) and 
pydistutils.cfg ($HOME).


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