[Distutils] cross compiling using setuptools

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Mon Oct 9 18:10:56 CEST 2006

At 08:39 AM 10/9/2006 -0700, Venkat Bommakanti wrote:
>Based on this suggestion, for the cross compile case, I tried to set:
>   [bdist_egg]
>   plat_name = ppc
>but, it still insists on falling back to i686 for plat_name. Could be I'm
>doing something fundamentally wrong.

Dunno.  Is this in $HOME/.pydistutils.cfg?

>'am also trying to "set" as many params to easy_install / setup.py-of-comp
>(in TG's suite of components) as possible this way... but its unclear if
>I'm doing them right...
>Is there a reference somewhere in (http://peak.telecommunity.com/) to all
>    . the sections that can go into these files, and
>    . the key/value pairs of settings, that can go into each section.

These are standard distutils configuration files.  The way it works is that 
any distutils "command" can have a section, and any command-line option can 
have a value set for it.  You use the full option name, change any '-' in 
it to '_', and then use that as the setting name in the section.  Boolean 
options are set to 1 or 0, others are just text after the '='.

So, the reference to these is "setup.py commandname --help" (e.g. 
"bdist_egg --help") or the reference manual for setuptools and its extra 

>For example, I couldn't see anywhere it documented that [bdist_egg] is one
>of the many valid sections in these files. I'm not doubting the earlier 
>but just unable to find a single place that lists all the possible cases.

That's because the config files just list command-line options, and they 
basically establish defaults that can still be overridden on the command line.

>  'am also
>assuming the syntax is the same for setup.cfg (local to TG source dir) and
>pydistutils.cfg ($HOME).

On Unix-like platforms, it's ".pydistutils.cfg" (note the '.' at the 
beginning), NOT "pydistutils.cfg".  The latter name is used only on Windows.

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