[Distutils] A Call for a Presenter on Python Eggs

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Wed Oct 11 17:35:04 CEST 2006

On all of these items, I can certainly help with providing answers to 
questions that a speaker may or may not know about currently.  I don't know 
if I will be able to give any talks myself; my PyCon plans (if any) are not 
finalized yet.

I do suggest you ask Kevin Dangoor and Ian Bicking if they are interested; 
both of them are good at presenting the stuff I dreamed up a year or so 
before, whereas I tend to present stuff I'm still in the middle of 
developing.  :)

I also think you might need to break the first talk into two talks, unless 
the timeslots for talks have expanded significantly this year.  :)

At 10:01 AM 10/11/2006 -0500, Jeff Rush wrote:
>Python Eggs - Using and Installing Them
>     * What is so cool about eggs? Wow me.
>     * What problem were they intended to solve?
>     * What is their relation to distutils?
>     * So how does distutils work then?
>     * How do they compare to CPAN and RPM approaches?
>     * Sound good, how do I enable eggs on my system?
>     * How do I accomplish common operations?
>           o install an egg
>           o test install an egg, to see if it would work
>           o uninstall an egg
>           o list what eggs are installed at the moment
>           o switch between the versions of an egg
>     * I don't trust eggs - how can I partially install one,
>       examine it and then finish the installation?
>     * How do I find out what eggs exist, and their names?
>     * What about py2exe and droplets? Competing approaches?
>     * Show me a walkthru of the cheeseshop - how to find a package.
>     * How do I figure out the author of an egg I'm having trouble with?

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