[Distutils] Simpler Python package management: the "egg" command

Bjørn Stabell bjorn at exoweb.net
Fri Aug 17 02:18:46 CEST 2007

On Aug 17, 2007, at 01:12, Luís Bruno wrote:
> Bjørn Stabell:
>> egg info pysqlite                    - show information about  
>> pysqlite
>> egg info pysqlite/2.0.0      - show information about version  
>> 2.0.0 of pysqlite
>> egg sync local                       - rescan local packages and  
>> update cache db
> Sorry, but I think you meant apt-get instead of egg. No, I didn't
> search the archives. But making an apt-get repository (yum, emerge...)
> can't be *that* hard; it also can't be an uncommon idea. Someone must
> have suggested it before.

The "egg" prototype already does the above commands.

> On second thought, if I recall correctly Debian-style repositories
> have to update a master Packages catalog for *each* and *every*
> *single*  upload. That's a -1. I think you've asked for a "sync local"
> master and I snipped it. Any other -1?
> We'll, getting the repositores updated for each single upload becomes
> O(N), but it's a small N anyway. One per supported repository format.

The "egg sync" stuff was to get the latest package information from  
PyPI and from your locally installed packages so that you can do fast  
and offline queries against it.  If you don't sync, you'll have to  
rescan every time; sync'ing is just an optimization, and since it  
gets put it in a little database, it makes making queries etc much  
easier as another benefit.

>> Perhaps "egg" should provide a simple web server to allow browsing
>> (and perhaps installation from) local packages.
> D*mn. Right now you just serve your .../site-packages and you can
> easy_install from it (I think Phillip Eby said as much recently).

I haven't seen that done, but since eggs in uninstalled and installed  
form are the same, it should be easy.


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