[Distutils] my wishlist for easy_install

Toni Mueller support at oeko.net
Wed Aug 29 10:37:46 CEST 2007


I'd really like to see these two features in easy_install which I can't
find right now:

 1 - coexist with the operating system/recognize packages which are
     installed via operating system means
 2 - remove packages

Currently, when I want to easy_install a package, it starts downloading
all sorts of stuff from PYPI although I have already similar (the same
- maybe other versions) packages in my system which I installed via
the operating system's package manager. I'd really like to not have to
manually inspect a prospective package to then manually download and
install all dependencies via the package manager, and then to proceed
to easy_install -N the offending package, but instead have this process

I'd also be able to say something like

easy_install -r package

to remove such a package, but only if I installed it via easy_install
in the first place, leaving operating system installed packages alone.

I'm mostly using easy_install on Debian/Linux (Etch), but other
platforms (OpenBSD, maybe Solaris) are relevant for me, too.

Thanks for listening!


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