[Distutils] Distutils help needed with sub-packages

Rick Muller rpmuller at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 00:07:55 CET 2007

[Posted to c.l.python this morning, but I didn't get any response, so I'm
retrying here. Apologies to anyone offended by the cross-posting.]

I need some distutils help. I currently run a python library
(PyQuante) that, until recently, had all of its modules in a single
directory, called "PyQuante". The setup command in my setup.py module
had a single "packages" line:

      packages = ['PyQuante'],

I moved some of the routines into Basis and IO subdirectories of
PyQuante, and amended the packages line to be:

      packages = ['PyQuante','PyQuante.Basis','PyQuante.IO'],

Everything works find if I'm installing from SVN. However, when I
build a tarball via setup.py sdist, the Basis and IO subdirectories
are not included. How can I get the distutils to include this?

Thanks in advance,

Rick Muller
rpmuller at gmail.com
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