[Distutils] easy_install of django sdist tarball omits data files

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Fri Dec 21 18:35:38 CET 2007

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Graham Carlyle wrote:
> Hi
> I've been trying to install a sdist tarball of a django svn snapshot
> using easy_install but some of the packages data files (the admin
> contrib app templates) aren't being installed. I've looked at the
> easy_install web page and can't see anything that may help me install
> these data files.
> I'm doing this as part of a deployment script that uses easy_install to
> install a web apps dependencies into a particular directory. 
> Is this a misuse of easy install? django's setup.py doesn't use
> setuptools and so easy_install seems to be creating an sdist_egg on the
> fly. I'm working round this by just scripting untarring, & "setup.py
> install" etc. directly which is ok but it would be simpler if i could
> just call easy_install for all my apps dependencies.

I just hit the same problem myself.  The Django folks decided to quit
using setuptools (for reasons which seem incomprehensible to me), and in
the process also borked the ability to use easy_install on their
now-non-setuptools-basd sdist.

The dodgy bit doesn't seem to be their hand-rolled alternative to
'pkg_resources.find_packages';  even run under easy_install, it appears
to popluate the 'data_files' structure correctly.  Howeveer, when
easy_install runs the 'setup()' function (from distutils), it appears
that the 'data_files' structure is not being interpreted correctly.
This *may* be a setuptools / easy_install bug;  I'm not sure.

I did find one recent argument for revisiting that decision, which also
provides an alternate easy_install-compatible setup.py:


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