[Distutils] Forcing setuptools options (always unzip, no dependencies) in buildout?

Jeff Shell eucci.group at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 15:30:47 CET 2007

I still can't get a Egg based Zope app/site up and running. The last
headache that I ran into before I had to focus on other work was a
core Zope egg (zope.filerepresentation, which we use quite heavily)
being a Zipfile based egg. In this mode, Zope's configuration
machinery can't get config files out of zope.filerepresentation, and
all is lost.

The only references to 'always unzip' that I could find in zc.buildout
are in the API section. I see no configuration directive for this. Is
there a way to force this?

I'm also thinking of going no-dependencies for a while since I have
internal and external eggs that depend on core Zope 3 library eggs.
Which I happen to have in a perfectly good (relatively) Zope 3
installation. But since setuptools doesn't know that said installation
provides a reasonable 'zope.filerepresentation', 'zope.component',
'zope.app.frobnitz', etc, I feel like I can't use Eggs without going
100% over to a fully egg based setup. Which, as mentioned above, I
haven't been able to get working.

I'd be willing to give up automatic dependency tracking for a while in
order to come up with an interim solution that I could get up and
running. But again - I can't find a way to specify "no dependencies"
for buildout (either zc.buildout or zc.recipe.egg). Am I missing

I trying hard to get my little company to move to using released
software packages (both internal and external) as our current way of
doing things is getting untenable and difficult to maintain.

Jeff Shell

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