[Distutils] setupegg.py omits important file

Chris Fonnesbeck chris at trichech.us
Thu Feb 1 15:15:54 CET 2007

I have built a matplotlib installer for OS X, using setupegg.py:
python setupegg.py config -L../staticlibs build bdist_mpkg

However, when I import the module after installing, I get the follwing:
ImportError: No module named matplotlib.pylab

The problem appears to be that the module's __init__.py is not included in
the package; when I do a standard install using setup.py, the file is copied
over as it should be. Another oddity is that this only happens on my Intel
Mac; it seems to work fine on PPC.

Any advice on this is appreciated.

Chris Fonnesbeck + Atlanta, GA + http://trichech.us
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