[Distutils] Confusion about the effect of eggs on import

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Sat Feb 10 14:20:49 CET 2007

    >> (I'm sending this to distutils because I have this vague notion that
    >> the problem might have something to do with setuptools or eggs on
    >> sys.path.)

    Phillip> Their mere presence on sys.path doesn't do anything, if you're
    Phillip> not importing pkg_resources or importing anything from inside
    Phillip> the eggs.

    Phillip> However, matplotlib imports pkg_resources and is a (broken)
    Phillip> namespace package.

    ... much useful feedback elided ...


Thanks for the response.  I'm 100% certain I would never have figured that
out on my own.  I passed your note along to John Hunter (matplotlib author),
who I happen to work with.  I suspect he'll be able to work things out
fairly quickly.


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