[Distutils] Cheesecake service

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Thu Feb 15 04:14:48 CET 2007

Michał Kwiatkowski wrote:
> On 2/14/07, Ian Bicking <ianb at colorstudy.com> wrote:
>> Looks like it's in there, but two links away, and the installation logs
>> specifically are buried in the rest of the logs.  Also the logs are
>> served up as a Python script or something, not text/plain.  Ideally the
>> logs would be HTML with anchors, and then you could just add a link on
>> the easy_installability to package_log_uri#installability.
> OK, logs are now served as HTML pages. Easy_installability page links
> directly to certain parts of log files.

If you add some blank space to the bottom of the page the anchors can be 
  a little more clear.  Like in what you link to, it shows up about 
halfway down the page because there's not enough below it to fill the space.

Another more complex solution is some Javascript that sees the anchor 
and highlights the anchor based on that.  But a bunch of <br>'s is much 
easier ;)

> I have a question concerning some of the failing packages. As an
> example let's take DisplayShelf 1.0. Cheesecake fails to install it,
> because in its setup.py it imports "turbogears.finddata", which isn't
> installed on pybots.org. Log file for DisplayShelf is here:
> http://pypi.pycheesecake.org/pypi/log/171-DisplayShelf==1.0-success-5.log#install
> . Package has defined "TurboGears" in "install_requires", but is using
> import that will only be working if TurboGears is already there. In
> fact, whole setup.py is unusable, because it simply fails to run on
> systems without TurboGears. Where is the problem and how it can be
> solved?

I think that's just a broken package.  It shouldn't do that.  Actually 
finddata probably isn't necessary anymore if they use 
include_package_data=True.  Otherwise they should copy that file into 
their package before using it.

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