[Distutils] [setuptools] egg_info and install_requires

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Thu Jan 4 22:44:07 CET 2007

At 04:24 PM 1/2/2007 +0100, Ronald Oussoren wrote:
>I have a setup.py that has some projects in the install_requires list
>that setuptools cannot find yet (I haven't build the eggs yet) and
>noticed something odd. When there is not yet an .egg-info directory
>for my project everything is fine, I can run distutils commands
>(except install of course).
>However, when the .egg-info directory is present all distutils
>commands fail, including the egg_info command, because I'm refering
>to a non-existing distribution. Is this supposed to happen?

I'm not sure I understand the question.  Could you provide more details, 
such as a link to the source, and what commands exactly are needed to 
produce the problem?  Thanks.

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