[Distutils] Skipping namespace file?

Kurt Schwehr schwehr at gmail.com
Sat Jan 6 21:46:32 CET 2007

Sounds good, but I still am confused as to why there should not be a
site-packages/dap/__init__.py in the installed lib area.  For this package
there isn't too much in there, but some packages include things like version
numbers and defaults in their __init__.py.  For dap, we would be leaving out
the overview documentation for import dap;help(dap).  If the case really is
that there should not be a dap/__init__.py, where do I tell the author of
the package to move that documentation such that help(dap) will still
provide as much info?


> Yes, you're right, that is exactly the problem.  There are two possible
> fixes:
> 1. add 'dap' to the namespace_packages setting in the setup.py
> 2. change setuptools to figure out that this is needed
> Since setuptools already knows that it shouldn't include the __init__ for
> dap, it can reasonably be considered a setuptools bug that it doesnt'
> generate the .pth correctly for that case, so I will fix that.  In the
> meantime, as a workaround, adding 'dap' to the namespace_packages setting
> will allow you to proceed.
> Thanks for your patience and help in identifying the actual bug.
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