[Distutils] custom egg metadata

"Lutz Pälike" lutz_p at gmx.net
Mon Jan 8 15:11:53 CET 2007

I have some problems customizing the egg building process.
I want to add a custom file to the egg metadata and the documentation says
a egg_info.writers entry should work, but it looks like my definition is not evaluated. I tried to trace this down and found some more information.

This is how my args to setup look like:

{'entry_points': {
       ['xyz_settings.txt = setuptools.command.egg_info:write_arg']
 'name': u'XYZ_Project',
 'description': 'My XYZ Project',
 'package_dir': {'': 'data/project'},
 'packages': ['XYZ_Project'],
 'version': '0.1'

 'xyz_settings' : [
    "Line 1",
    "Line 2"

Now if i step through the building process in the debugger i get the following:

 - distutils/dist.py:236: UserWarning: Unknown distribution option: 'xyz_settings'

 - if i step until 'setuptools/command/egg_info.py(169)run()'
   i see the following line: 
   for ep in iter_entry_points('egg_info.writers')

   so this looks like the place where my 'egg_info.writers' definition is 
   evaluated, but if i inspect iter_entry_points('egg_info.writers')
   i get the following:

     EntryPoint.parse('requires.txt = setuptools.command.egg_info:write_requirements'),
     EntryPoint.parse('PKG-INFO = setuptools.command.egg_info:write_pkg_info'),
     EntryPoint.parse('eager_resources.txt = setuptools.command.egg_info:overwrite_arg'),
     EntryPoint.parse('namespace_packages.txt = setuptools.command.egg_info:overwrite_arg'),
     EntryPoint.parse('top_level.txt = setuptools.command.egg_info:write_toplevel_names'),
     EntryPoint.parse('dependency_links.txt = setuptools.command.egg_info:overwrite_arg'),
     EntryPoint.parse('entry_points.txt = setuptools.command.egg_info:write_entries'),
     EntryPoint.parse('depends.txt = setuptools.command.egg_info:warn_depends_obsolete')

  There appears no definition of xyz_settings.txt ?
  Am i missing something here ?

  If i look closer inside iter_entry_points()
  i see the following code:

        for dist in self:
            entries = dist.get_entry_map(group)

  if i inspect the list of Distributions in self
  i get all the Distributions i installed via easy_install
  to my system but not the  package i am currently building.

  So how is this supposed to work ?
  Should'nt the Distribution i am building be in this list?
  How are my entry points found then if not?

  Sorry if this is obvious, but i would be glad if somebody
  could give some more information here. 


Lutz Paelike

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