[Distutils] setuptools 0.6c4 released

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Tue Jan 9 19:38:18 CET 2007

As of this release, the installation instructions have been changed to 
support installation via RPM, .exe (Windows) or "sh 
setuptools-whatever.egg".  In other words, ez_setup.py is no longer needed 
or recommended for user installation of setuptools.

Prior to the final release of setuptools 0.6, I intend to update ez_setup 
to do one or both of the following things:

1. It will detect and download the current stable setuptools release from 
the Cheeseshop, AND/OR

2. It will instruct the user to visit the cheeseshop page and follow the 
installation instructions there.

I'm not sure yet which is the best approach, so I'll probably just do both.  :)

I'd like to hear some input, but no "voting" please; just explain your 
rationale one way or the other, with detailed information about your 
situation/use cases.  Thanks!

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