[Distutils] custom egg metadata

"Lutz Pälike" lutz_p at gmx.net
Wed Jan 10 16:32:33 CET 2007

> > there is no real need to have the package_dir directly alongside the setup.py ?
> > I have only a single setup.py, but lots of subprojects that i want to 
> > keep in subfolders. And there are no setup.py in the project subfolders
> > but everything is controlled through the single setup.py and a config
> > file within each project.

> That's not really a supported arrangement; note that you won't be able to 
> make proper source distributions, for example.  (Source distributions must 
> contain a setup.py to be installable.)

I am aware that this is not a standard setup, but nevertheless that's the way i want to go. All the distribution will happen in-house without source and never hit the real world so source distributions won't be a issue here.
Thanks for pointing this out though. 

> To be blunt, the distutils doesn't really support what you're trying to 
> do.  And setuptools inherits certain of its limitations, like the fact 
> that it is built to assume that there is a setup.py in the current 
> directory and the current directory is the root of a project.

I really would like to have more flexibility for the distribution of packages and setuptools are a major improvement over standard distutils. 
Thanks for all your effort to improve the situation. This is highly appreciated.

As i already mentioned i would like to have better api support to use some functionality isolated from the rest of the package. I can see that distutils dictates a lot of decisions here but some design decisions are not clear to me. What comes to my mind for example is get_svn_revision().
This is a method of the egg_info command but it would also be useful to have this as a standalone function. 

Personally i replicated it as a function to take a filesystem path as parameter to get the svn revision of the given path. Very useful functionality but not very accessible within setuptools ...
wouldn't it nice and easy to convert the method call to a function call ?
Probably there are more low hanging fruits but i still need to take a closer look to the code.

christmas is over but if the wishlist is still open, i would like to see the core setuptools functionality split off and to have a distutils compatibility layer on top. It is great to have pkg_resources.py on the distribution side, but it would be nice to have the same flexibility on the building side ...


Lutz Paelike

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