[Distutils] failing to build quadtree if the package is already installed

Kurt Schwehr schwehr at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 13:01:18 CET 2007

Thanks!  The package developer has fixed it and it is now up on the
cheeseshop as version 0.1.2 of quadtree.


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> At 11:11 AM 1/26/2007 -0500, Kurt Schwehr wrote:
> >Sorry if this kind of thing has already been discussed.  I am packaging
> >quadtree for Mac OSX/fink (deb based package management) and am getting a
> >failed build if the package is alread installed and I am trying to do a
> >rebuild.  Can someone point me at what needs to be changed?  Is this
> >because quadtree is a namespace?
> Yes, and it shouldn't be, since its __init__.py contains actual code, and
> is missing a namespace declaration.  (The whole point of a namespace
> package is that the package itself shouldn't contain any code.  After all,
> in a --single-version-externally-managed install, the __init__.py will not
> even be *there*.)
> So, this is a packaging error on the part of the quadtree
> developer(s).  Most likely, quadtree is not really a namespace package and
> should not be declared as one, because the only reason to do that is if
> there are modules or subpackages under that package that are distributed
> *separately*.  My guess is that the author saw a namespace declaration in
> some other project's setup.py and thought it was required boilerplate
> instead of an option.
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