[Distutils] Building an egg from Subversion using zc.buildout

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Sun Jan 28 23:27:15 CET 2007

At 10:01 PM 1/28/2007 +0000, Martin Aspeli wrote:
>I found myself searching for this very thing, and couldn't find a way to
>do it with zc.buildout. Listing an svn URL in the 'eggs' section gave a
>syntax error (with or without the #egg=Foo-dev bit). Listing the svn URL
>in 'find-links' didn't work either.

Hm.  easy_install accepts svn: URLs in --find-links as long as they have 
the #egg part, so that sounds like a problem with zc.buildout.

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