[Distutils] Building an egg from Subversion using zc.buildout

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Mon Jan 29 23:14:25 CET 2007

Jim Fulton wrote:

> So, from your example, you now have a kss.core-0.1dev egg.   It isn't  
> a real release. It reflects the state of your subversion repository  
> at the time you happened to run the buildout.
> My guess is that if you run the buildout again, the egg won't be  
> recreated.  You won't be tracking subversion changes as you wished.
> Further, if you use a shared eggs directory, any other buildouts will  
> likely use that same egg, which has a more or less random snapshot of  
> the software.  I suggest that this is a bad thing.
> IMO, this is what you really want:
> - You want something to check out your project and make it a develop  
> egg.
> - When you run buildout later, you want something to do an svn up in  
> the checkout and to rerun setup (in case there are extensions).
> I think this "something" should probably be a recipe (or a feature of  
> some existing recipe).
> I wonder what easy_install does in a case like this.  For example, I  
> wonder if easy_install would download and rebuild the egg every time  
> you ran it.   Of course, with easy_install, you probably would only  
> run it once, but, again, then you wouldn't be tracking subversion.

I'd need to test this, but I *think* that it considers the svn revision 
as part of the "version number" so that when the svn revision changes, 
if buildout goes online to check for a new revision, it'd re-download 
and re-build. That sounds like what I want, anyway. :)


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