[Distutils] Building an egg from Subversion using zc.buildout

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Mon Jan 29 23:43:55 CET 2007

Jim Fulton wrote:

> I wonder if buildout behaves this way.  Buildout will ask a  
> PackageIndex for the best available version using the obtain method.   
> I wonder what a package index will return in a case like this. I  
> guess I expect he'll get a version of ==dev which, as you say, will  
> be considered newer and cause buildout to get a new distribution.

Yeah, I think that's what I want. However, if I put eggname==dev in the 
eggs option, I get a resolution error. See my last reply to PJE's last 
reply to me a few minutes ago.

I've confirmed that if I just use find-links as above and then list the 
egg name without a version spec, it does *not* try to re-download (at 
least as far as I can tell).


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