[Distutils] pywin32 egg?

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Sat Jul 7 07:20:18 CEST 2007

Hi Jim,

> Since you happen to be paying attention to distributions atm ... :)
> I would love to see a pywin32 egg, which by definition, didn't need
> to modify anything when it was installed. I guess there are some
> features in pywin32 that wouldn't work with such a setup, but I'm
> guessing that most features would.  Even if it wasn't called
> pywin32,
> I'd really like to see an egg that contained the parts of pywin32
> that can be used without modifying anything on installation.
> Please. Pretty please. :)  It would make pywin32 much mroe
> usable for
> people using setuptools.

I'm sure you know the drill - patches are always welcome :)  I've never
modified a setup script to support eggs, and at this stage I'm more
interested in getting existing functionality ported to x64 and Vista than
creating a new distribution with reduced functionality.

Also, if part of the functionality we had to drop was implementing COM
objects (and we would if we couldn't install stuff into system32 or modify
the HKLM part of the registry), then I'd be reluctant to call this a
suitable distribution for anyone other than people wishing to package
pywin32 with their own custom application, and I'd struggle to justify
spending much time creating and supporting a distribution just for them.

IOW, I'm certainly not opposed to the concept, but struggling to justify
squeezing it into the time I have available for this stuff...



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