[Distutils] unattended install

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Wed Jul 18 01:08:54 CEST 2007

> That was based on presumption that wininst is superseded by msi, which is
> clearly incorrect, as you've shown.

Well, all I really meant to say was that bdist_msi doesn't (yet) have all
the features of bdist_wininst - but bdist_msi does appear to be the "future"
(ie, there is not much interest on this list towards keeping bdist_wininst
alive going forward)

> Can you comment on one more idea: instead of modifying bdist_wininst, to
> wininst.exe to support silent installation. This change could be obviously
> submitted as well, and as an interim solution simple replacement of stub
> distribution.exe) could be used.

Yes, that is what I meant - modify the stub executable bdist_wininst uses to
perform its magic.  However, keep in mind the comments above regarding the
(lack of) future for bdist_wininst - eg, even with this modification, its
not clear it will ever be suitable for installing 64bit Python extensions.
So while it may be suitable for your specific problem, you may need to
revise things when x64 moves into your radar, for example.


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